Professional IT Solutions

Established in 2006 in Pennington, South Africa, Anderson Networks is a supplier of technical support, with an emphasis on Linux/UNIX Operating System platforms, but also catering for users of Windows, OSX, iOS and Android systems. We also offer domain hosting for websites and email services. Related to this, we offer website design and server security scanning. For more information, see Another aspect of our business concerns the design and implementation of customised computing solutions such as mini-HPC clusters, dedicated graphics and audio workstations and commercial server/workstation configurations. Because our premises are located in the quietly rural seaside village of Pennington, we are often called upon to supply a variety of goods and services. Contact us for quotations for anything from tablets to HPC clusters. Much of our time is taken up by home computer users' problems. Since this affects our ability to work on our core system customising and networking related projects, we respectfully ask that our clients make appointments and observe simple etiquette with regard to job queuing. Because we do not hold static stock, we are able to offer reasonable and up to date pricing on hardware and software. Delivery times may vary according to availability.

How We Work

Consultation and Analysis

We prefer to consult with clients personally in order to gauge their individual requirements. We also like to find out as much as we can about the independent issue(s) and discuss potential solutions. Whether you are a business or a private individual, we then quote realistically with regard to solution proposals. We deal in hardware repair or replacement, software issues both in Linux and windows. Repairs of PC, Laptops, Tablets and more. We offer an internet cafe' and we have a team of IT experts who are available for solutions and support.


Once we have reached consensus with our clients regarding the details of the situation at hand, we proceed implementation of a solution using the best techniques and materials at our disposal. At all times during the implementation of a solution we keep the client informed of our progress. Whether your requirements are minor or comprehensive, we are here to help you in a friendly, informative and resolving manner. If you require a call out we are also able to assist, and will resolve issues via a call out to your location where applicable.

Maintenance and Support

Ongoing maintenance and support may be necessary to maintain your individual needs. We provide various levels of support and can provide ongoing maintenance, negotiable on an individual basis. We provide our clients with information and assistance regarding their individual IT related requirements. Our clients enjoy a friendly and assisting environment that makes our clients feel they have professional support at their fingertips. With us on your side, your IT related problems will find realistic solutions. You are welcome to call us any time you need assistance.

Web Hosting

We host straight HTML, Wordpress CMS, Joomla CMS, Drupal CMS or other types of customised websites. Any domains may be hosted.

Email Services

We offer webmail, POP3 and IMAP email server access. All mailboxes are securely backed up several times a day


We offer secure email facilities and proactive website security. Your email data and web pages are securely backed up several times daily to offsite servers.

Site Maintenance

Ask us about our site maintenance service. For a nominal fee we will keep your website up to date with due attention to SEO aspects.